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Field Status: All Practice and Game Fields - OPEN
Updated 06/06/2022 11:15 AM

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Schedule Release Information

Please do not call the office to ask when schedules will be released.
Schedules are typically received from the scheduler and posted the Monday or Tuesday prior to the season/tournament start.
An email will go out to each group and the button color will change when they are updated.
Green = Current Season, Red = Prior Season

Additional Information

U9 and above GotSport instructions for Game Reports:

  1. Log into your GotSport account, from your dashboard click on Team Management then click on your team name.
  2.  Click on Matches.
  3. From here you will have a drop down menu to search for your schedule.  Please select your team and then Fall 21 Youth League then search.
  4. Your team schedule will download.  You will see the three dots to the far right click on that and a box will pull up.  Here you will select print Match Card.
  5. A box will pull up that says select game sheet…please select Standard and then export.
  6. Your Game Report will download and this is what you will turn into the referee before each game.


  • Scores for MSA games are only kept for U9 and above
  • Scores for MSA youths reflect a 3-point differential since these are recreational leagues
  • If a team scores more than 3 points above the other team, this will NOT be reflected in the scores
  • MSA does not encourage “running up” the score.

Season Tie Breakers


  • Head-to-Head Competition
  • Goal Differential (Max. of 3 goal differential)
  • Fewest goals allowed during the season
  • Fewest Caution Points received (red/yellow cards) during the season
  • Playoff Game if necessary


  • Yellow and Red Card team Season Total (the team with fewest cards advances, red cards count as two cards.)
  • Head-to-Head
  • Goals Against
  • Goals For – Maximum of 5 Goals per game.
  • Penalty Kick Shootout


Field Status Determination


The status of our fields is determined by the City of McKinney Parks and Recreation. We typically receive communication from them about the closing of a field  by 3:o00 PM on weekdays and by 7:30 AM on the morning of our scheduled games. As soon as MSA is aware of weather conditions that will affect play, we will send out a “Push Notification” (Smart Phone Message) to all members that have downloaded the MSA App, our website will be updated, and we will send out an email. To check field conditions for soccer fields in the area, please view the appropriate soccer association website. This information is listed in our Field Layout tab.

Rain-outs & Make-up Games


If games are cancelled due to bad weather or bad field conditions, the MSA Home Page page will be updated with an announcement. Plano and Allen fields may also be checked via their soccer association websites listed on our Field Layout tab.

In the case of a rain out, games will be rescheduled for a Sunday, weekday evening, or weekend in the future. The schedules will be updated on the MSA website as soon as possible, so please remember to look from time to time and check for the latest news. Our site is updated daily and it is your responsibility to check when in doubt.

No games can be rescheduled with the exception of MISD Events or field closures.

Adverse Weather Procedures

Craig Ranch is equipped with the latest in lightning and storm detection covering a 7 mile radius. The MSA has communication procedures including live weather radar to support this system and cover our soccer complexes.

ALERT Procedure
If lightning is detected, a warning siren will sound at Craig Ranch.  At the sound of this siren your referee or MSA representative will halt play and you are advised to seek shelter in your vehicle or public restrooms, as appropriate.


If any team leaves the fields that team will forfeit its game in progress.  After a constantly monitored period of time (30 min.) the MSA will rule on whether it is safe to proceed, wait further, or abandon the game. If the game is abandoned, the MSA officials will decide if the current score stands as final, based on time played so far, or if the game should be replayed. These decisions will be published via the MSA website as quickly as possible.

Tornado Warnings
If the McKinney National Alert Sirens sound, (for severe weather / tornado) then the games will be considered abandoned and you are requested to seek shelter urgently. The rescheduling of games and result will be posted on the MSA website as above.

All Clear
Should the weather threat pass and play resume, an MSA official will go through each car park to inform players of the resumption of play. The games will re-start at the discretion of the referee and assuming the playing field is in safe condition.

While every reasonable endeavor will be undertaken by MSA to protect you we cannot accept any liability for injury. We remain committed to protecting you and your families while at our complexes and ask you to use reasonable judgment in supporting our staff in their duties.

Any questions should be sent to

Who Plays Where

U4-U10 Boys and Girls, Adult Leagues play their games at the Craig Ranch Soccer complex in McKinney.

U11-U12 Boys and Girls play games at both the Craig Ranch Soccer complex in McKinney, and at the Celebration Park and Bolin Fields in Allen.

U13-U14 Boys and Girls play games at both the Craig Ranch Soccer Complex in McKinney, Frisco, and Allen.

U16 and above play with PYSA in Plano, with some home games in McKinney.

McKinney – Craig Ranch

**Note some fields may be modified for Tournaments***

For field conditions check our home page:

Craig Ranch – 6375 Collin McKinney Parkway

Practice Field Locations:
-Any public open space (park, public school, etc.)
Click here for information about Eagle Point Shopping Center practice location.


McKinney – Al Ruschhaupt

For field conditions:

MSA Field Conditions Page

Al Ruschhaupt at Wilson Creek – 1986 Park View Drive, McKinney

Practice Field Locations:
-Any public open space (park, public school, etc.)
Click here for information about Eagle Point Shopping Center practice location.

Plano – Russell Creek

For field conditions:
Plano Hotline 972-422-7972 Option 1 then 1 again.

Russell Creek -3500 McDermott Rd., Plano
Map to Field

Plano – Carpenter Park

For field conditions:
Plano Hotline 972-422-7972 Option 1 then 1 again.

Carpenter Park – 6701 Coit Road, Plano
Map to Field

Allen – Celebration Park

For field conditions:
Allen Hotline: 214-509-4809
Celebration Park – 701 Angel Parkway, Allen
Map to Field

Bolin-Twin Creeks Soccer Fields,
W. McDermott Dr. and Twin Creeks Dr.,
Allen TX 75013

McKinney Soccer Association
321 N. Central Expressway #352
McKinney, Texas 75070

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