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Frequently Asked Questions

MSA Frequently Asked Questions

Although our website is now much easier to use and is extremely informative there is still a lot of information to go through. We have tried to answer every question under each page’s topic but sometimes you just want to find a quick answer to a general question. With that in mind, we have put together an extensive list of frequently asked questions below in a new condensed format to make it easier to scan through for the information you are looking for. If you still can’t find what your looking for, visit the specific page for the topic your interested in and if you still aren’t having any luck, please feel free to contact the office by email or phone. That information is the first topic of our F.A.Q.

NOTE: (The TOPSoccer program has its own Frequently Asked Questions located on the TOPSoccer page.)

Q. How can I contact McKinney Soccer?

A.  The MSA Office  is open:
Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm
321 N Central Expwy, Ste. 352,  McKinney, TX 75070
Phone:  972-569-6808    Fax: 972-548-8322

Q. Where is lost and found?

A. If you have lost or left items at the soccer fields during the season, please check at the concession stand during game days. Items will NOT be brought to the office until after the season is over.

Q. Who are McKinney Soccer’s board members and how can I contact them?

 A.  A list of MSA’s board member’s and their e-mail addresses can be viewed on the About MSA page.

Q. What Soccer Programs does McKinney Soccer Offer?

A.  McKinney Soccer Association offers Recreational Leagues for Children Under 4 to Under 19, McKinney Academy for Children U7 – U10,  Adult Recreational COED, and TOPSoccer for all ages.

Q. How can I register?

A.  You can register on line at Registration Links page. You can register in person at our office, 321 N Central Expressway, Suite 352, McKinney. Office hours are listed at the bottom of the website. 

Q. When does the season begin?

A.  The spring season will begin in late February or early March and end in May.  The fall season will begin late August or early September and end in November. The season normally consists of 8 games. Recreational Youth plays Saturdays, Academy plays on Sundays (varies), Adult Open and Over 30 play on Sunday evenings, and Adult Over 40 play on Wednesday nights. Rain-out and Make-up Games may be rescheduled on any day that the MSA has to use to get the games played. This means there may be Sunday and/or weeknight games scheduled if needed.

Q. How is my child placed on a team?

A.  Players are placed on teams based on age, gender, and geographic area.  We do our best to place players on a team close to where they live. Teams will be created based on the number of new players and the number of openings on existing teams. New players will not be placed on teams until after the registration deadline. Please review the Special Requests (NTSSA Rules) here.

Q. Can my child play up an age group?

A.  Yes, a child may play up one age division. Age groups are determined by NTSSA Youth Age Chart. “Play up one age group” should be indicated in the special request area in the online submission or on the registration form.
Note: A player can never play down.

Q. Can my child wear earrings during the soccer games?

A. NO JEWELRY can be worn during soccer games. This includes newly pierced ears. No Exceptions.

Q. When will practices be?

A.  Practice days, times, and locations are set by the coach of your team. MSA does not regulate when or where your team practices. Since we do try to place the players on a team close to their local school, we often hope you are able to practice close to home. Any conflicts on practices should be resolved with your coach.

Q. What happens when games are postponed due to weather?

A. If you are at the fields when games are suspended due to bad weather, look to a field director or referee for directions because games may resume again after 30 minutes or more if the weather improves. Detailed procedures that we follow when this occurs can be reviewed on the Schedules / Standings / Fields page under the Adverse Weather Tab in the middle of the page. If games are cancelled, makeup games could be rescheduled on an open Saturday, Sunday afternoon, or weeknight.

Q. When and where are the games played?

A.  Most youth recreational games will be played on Saturdays; however weekday or Sunday games may be required.  All games for U10 and below are played at the Craig Ranch Soccer Complex.  U11 & U12 will play at Craig Ranch and Celebration Park in Allen. U13 & U14 will play with Allen/Frisco and have some games at Craig Ranch.  U15 & Up teams play their games in Plano. Click Here for More Information.
Adult Open and Over 30 leagues play on Sunday evening, Adult Over 40 league playes on Wednesday night. Make-up games may be scheduled on any other day as needed.

Q. When will I hear from our coach?

 A.  Your child’s coach should contact you after the coaches meeting, shortly after either the 1st or 2nd week in February for the spring season, or the 1st or 2nd week in August for the fall season.

Q. Who provides the uniform and the other soccer equipment?

U4-U5: uniform once a year in fall, (jersey, shorts, and socks), and a soccer ball is provided by McKinney Soccer. In the spring only new players will receive a uniform and soccer ball. The coach will hand out at a practice prior to the first soccer game. 
U6-U10: will ONLY get a uniform. (in the Fall, new players in the Spring)
U11 & Up: – Your child’s coach will inform you where to purchase the uniform which includes shirt, shorts and socks.

All Players must provide their own equipment.  You must purchase shin guards and the appropriate size soccer ball prior to your child’s first practice.  It is MANDATORY that shin guards be worn at all games and practices.  Soccer cleats are optional; baseball/football cleats with a toe-cleat or metal-cleats are NOT allowed.

Age Group                       Ball Size
U8 and Below                    Size 3
U9 through U12                 Size 4
U13 and above                  Size 5

Q. When will I find out when my first game is?

A.  Games will be posted on the McKinney Soccer website (Schedules / Standings / Fields) once the schedules have been completed and are released. (The buttons on that page will turn green when the schedules are released.) This is usually sometime between the Thursday and following Tuesday of the week before the season’s scheduled start date. We will not have any other information regarding the timing of the release of the schedules as the page is updates as soon as they are released.

Q. Is there a refund policy?

A.  MSA has a $25 administrative fee prior to the first game, no refunds thereafter.

Q. How many players play at one time?

A.  At U4 we start with 3v3 and increase up to 11v11 at the older age groups. Each child will play at least 50% of the game to ensure fair and equitable activity

Q. How do I register as a Coach?

A.  You can register online through the coaches registration link on our Registration Links page. If you are a first time Coach, the on-line background check must be competed this must also be completed for every coach in the Fall. The link is on the Coaches page of the MSA website. You will need to upload a photo before a coaches card can be issued.

Q. Do Coaches need to have a Coaching License?

A.  It is highly recommended that ALL Coaches obtain a Coaching License by the 2nd season if they want to continue to coach a team in the McKinney Soccer Association. Coaches clinic’s are available before the start of each season. Please send an email to for more information.

Q. What special requests will MSA honor?


  • A player is allowed to play with a sibling (same gender).
  • Play up one age group with parent signature on the registration form.
  • A player can request NOT to return to their previous team.
  • Return to their old team after skipping a season.  A player can return to a MSA team they were previously on, IF and ONLY IF: a) they only skipped one season and did not play on another MSA team that season and b) there is room on the roster for that player and any other players who also skipped 1 season who wish to return.
  • Bring a friend, returning U4 – U8 players: can request to play with a friend who is registering to play soccer for the first time. Placement is subject to availability and other teams roster needs. 
  • Bring a friend, returning U13 & older players, who are new, did not play last season, or whose team disbanded may request to play on a specific team. Placement is subject to availability and other teams roster needs.

Q. What can be placed on uniforms?



  • A player’s number must be placed on the back of the jersey.
  • Player’s names are allowed but not recommended on the jersey, should be placed above the number.
  • Team logo can be placed on the front or sleeve of the jersey.
  • If the uniform is sponsored, the name of the company can be placed above the players number on the back of the jersey, as long as the company is not “adult themed”. (An example would be a beer or alcoholic beverage company.) The logo should not be more than 2 inches tall.

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